Rotating Free Elite Proxies for Web scraping in Python 3 and an Alternative πŸ•·

I recently started playing around with web scraping for one of my data mining projects.

Installing PostGIS on Uberspace 7🌎

In this tutorial I will show you how those can a PostGIS stack on Uberspace.

Repairing a Canon Scanfront 220p with a disk boot failure

I recently got myself a Canon ScanFront 220p Scanner to empower my efforts to quickly digitalize a huge amount of documents, which I’d carefully accumulated through the past couple of years.

PowerShell Script for counting elements in a PST file

PowerCountPST is a PowerShell Script lets you count the number of elements found in an Outlook PST file.

Finding Hidden City Flights using Neo4j & Python 🐍 Part #3

In this post, I’ll introduce you to hidden city ticketing using Python.

Finding multi-stop flights using Neo4j & Python 🐍 Part #2

In this blog-post, I’d like to give you a first introduction on how we can search for flights using Python and the Kiwi API.

Finding multi-stop flights using Neo4j & Python 🐍 Part #1

As you’d probably figured out by now, traveling is a big passion of Markus and mine.