Generating Hugo Posts from an API using Python 🖨

For my personal side project, which is an aviation database and API, containing thousands of airports, I was looking for an easy way and automated to create Hugo Posts for my airports based on the data of the API.

Yet Another Aviation Database!? 🛩

The sooner or later when you start your own flight search, flight scraping or travel hacking project (such as my hidden city search), you’ll realize that you need accurate information about airports, their IATA codes and location.

Rotating Free Elite Proxies in Python 3 🕷

I recently started playing around with web scraping for one of my data mining projects.

Installing PostGIS on Uberspace 7🌎

In this tutorial I will show you how those can a PostGIS stack on Uberspace.

Repairing a Canon Scanfront 220p with a disk boot failure

I recently got myself a Canon ScanFront 220p Scanner to empower my efforts to quickly digitalize a huge amount of documents, which I’d carefully accumulated through the past couple of years.

PowerShell Script for counting elements in a PST file

PowerCountPST is a PowerShell Script lets you count the number of elements found in an Outlook PST file.

Finding Hidden City Flights using Neo4j & Python 🐍 Part #3

In this post, I’ll introduce you to hidden city ticketing using Python.

Finding multi-stop flights using Neo4j & Python 🐍 Part #2

In this blog-post, I’d like to give you a first introduction on how we can search for flights using Python and the Kiwi API.

Finding multi-stop flights using Neo4j & Python 🐍 Part #1

As you’d probably figured out by now, traveling is a big passion of Markus and mine.