Hello! I’m Alexander Bilz, and I’m a IT Operations Manager and soon to be Cyber Security graduate student. Well done, You’ve now joined the few special people who have previously discovered this page. This site serves my blog, where I share my technical experience in articles and tutorials as well as random thoughts. I write about my personal mainly travel related software projects. I also geek out over computer science topics, useful tricks I had learned at work, and cyber security issues.

👨🏼‍💻 I’ve been working in IT since 2011. I started off with earning a degree as an IT Management Assistant and worked as a First&Second Level IT Specialist for almost three years. After that, I decided to participate in the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) which gave me the great opportunity to work as an IT technician for the University of Alaska South East in Sitka. Soon after I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Informatics from Cooperative State University Baden Wuerttemberg and began working as IT Operations Manager specialising on IT security topics.

🌈 For fun, I develope static site generator themes like Anatole for Hugo, which also powers this site.

🛩 For a couple of years now I’m passionate about miles and points and the aviation industry in general. As a true Av-geek, I`m crazy about turboprop planes, unusual routes, and small town airports. During the past couple of years, I had been able cross of some extradionary flights such as United’s Island Hopper, Alaska Airline’s milkrun or various flights on FAT’s Mad Dogs of my bucket list. With my this years goal to travel more ecological responsible I am slowly also getting more an more interested in overland travel.

✍🏼 I’m a guest author at Travel-Dealz.de, where I cover rather unknown travel hacking topics such Fuel Dumping or Hidden City Ticketing. Feel free to check out my posts on Travel-Dealz.de. To prove my skills, I shortly, even took part in the greatescape challenge, where the goal was to find the cheapest around the world trip, which has a stop on each continent, apart from Antarctica. With my trip for around 800 € I was able to score a honorable third place.

☕ When I’m not on a computer, I’m probably making making drip coffee or searching the best fast food joint out there.

Thank you for visiting my website!