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Digital Photography is one of my hobbys. I really enjoy going outside to photograph landscape or machines. The images below were all taken on my trip to the Faroe-Islands in October 2014.

Atlantic Airways Helicopter

I'm still humbled, flying with an helicopter for the first time was a great experience.
( image: _DSC1717.jpg)
Au Revoir! Leaving the beautiful Faroe Islands with an Atlantic Airways Airbus A320


( image: _DSC1591.jpg)
Sheep on the Island of Fugloy.

Island of Nolsoy

( image: _DSC1431.jpg)
Hiking is the best way to feel this untamed nature.
( image: _DSC1405.jpg)
View from the edge of the mountain on to the village of Nolsoy

Old Tórshavn

( image: _DSC1357.jpg)
Habour of Torshavn with its beautiful old vessels and its colourful houses


( image: _DSC1356.jpg)
View over Torshavn from Hostel Kerjalon

Island of Fugloy II

Magical view around the area of Hattarvík