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Here you can find stuff I've done in Blender. I am using Blender for various tasks in my workflow but mainly for modelling, texturing in rendering.

Attractor fun in Blender

I started this project to play around with mathematically generated geometry. This curves are called attractors. The final render was done in Cycles.
( image: attractor_curve_blender.jpg)

GAZ Truck

This project is one of my WIP projects. My goal is to render an abandoned truck in a nature environment, at the moment I am focusing on the texturing parts, to give the truck a really rusty and shabby look.

Freestyle Render

When I got my first Raspberry Pi I wanted to have a nice wallpaper that was Raspberry Pi themed. As I had trying out a NPR Render on my todo-list for quite a while I thought why now combine these two tasks. Thats what I came up with. Render Freestyle.

Peel P50

The Peel P50 was the perfect reference for me to try out subsurface modelling, as its having such a rounded and cozy bodywork. The final Render was done in Cycles.
( image: peel.jpg)

Arch Viz

Together with my twin brother Markus I was working on Arch Viz of an living room scenery. This chair was modelled and textured by me for the final scene. Rendered in Cycles.